New SG Acro v1.2 build log

I have done some minor changes on my SG Acro quadcopter frame in the past and finally get it from the CNC-factory. The build log will be short, as I already have done a similar one. Here are the parts, that I have used for it:

  • SG Acro v1.2 frame
  • Sparky 2.0 flight controller
  • T-Motor F40 2500kv
  • KingKong 5” propeller
  • Arsov ACSP3 current/voltage sensor

The arms on the new SG Acro have a bit smaller holes for the motor cables, so they will be more strong and crash resistant. First I mounted the motors on the arms and shortened the motor cables a bit. Then I removed the shrink tube of the LittleBee’s and desoldered their motor cables. The LittleBee 20A have small motor pads, so be careful when soldering the motor cables. I haven’t reversed the motor cables for the right direction, because I can change it later via the BLHeli Suite software.

Motor and ESC soldered

Then I put heat shrink on the ESC again and have fixed it to the arm with a zip tie.

A bit tricky was to solder the ESC power cables to the Arsov current/voltage sensor and PDB, because it is smaller than the standard 36mm boards. Some FPV pilots are experiencing voltage spikes from the LittleBee ESC’s, so adding a capacitor on the PDB is useful, but I haven’t done this yet.

ESC Power Cables soldered

Then I have put the two center plates together with the arms and mounted the flight controller and FrSky D4R-II receiver. Finally after configuring the LittleBee ESCs through BLHeli Suite, I mounted the 5” KingKong props.


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