SG Acro – build log

I have received the upcoming 2204 2300kv motors from LD-Power Technology as well as the new KISS flight controller, so decided to build a new quadcopter.

Used parts:

  • SG Acro carbon frame
  • KISS flight controller
  • LDPower FR2204 2300kv motors
  • Matek power distribution board
  • XRotor 10A ESC (BLHeli 14.3)
  • FrSky D4R-II receiver
  • KingKong 6×4 propeller


I first mounted all four LDPower motors on the quadcopter arms, but that wasn’t a good idea. I wanted to shorten the motor cables and its not so easy to solder these, when the motor is already mounted on the carbon arm.

After I have flashed all the XRotor 10A ESC with the latest BLHeli firmware, I removed the shrink tube and desoldered the connectors. I prefer to solder the motor cables directly to the ESC. It looks better and give me less weight, but makes my life a bit harder, when I need to replace a broken part.


Then I soldered a XT60 connector to the Matek power distribution board. I use this one for the first time and overall I am happy with the design and build quality. I do get some buzzing sound when I power it with 3S LiPo. Its strange that it disappears when using 4S LiPo.


I haven’t any carbon spacers to put between the two center plates of my frame, so I mounted the PDB on top.

Top Centerplatte

On the bottom center platte you can see the battery strap.

Centerplatte bottom

After that I started to solder pins to my new KISS flight controller. Its not necessary, but in the long term this should save me some time. Otherwise I need to solder and desolder all the ESC and receiver cables directly to the flight controller. Now I can easily change the FC at anytime. Here is how it looks like:

Soldered pins

The next step was soldering the motor cables to the ESC. I didn’t reverse the cables, because I can change the rotation direction through the BLHeli Suite software.

XRotor 10A

Then put shrink tube on the ESCs, mounted the motors and flight controller on the assembled SG Acro frame and connected the ESC cables to the KISS FC.


Last but not least I connected the receiver and mounted the propeller. All up weight without battery is 254g. Its not my cleanest build, but its fine. Maiden flight was fine, but the quadcopter needs some PID tuning.

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    • Sergey

      Hi Chinoox, the XRotor 10A with the latest BLHeli 14.3 are great for the price. I have perfect throttle response and no sync issues. The KISS FC in combination with the new KISS24A Race ESC should be better because of the new OneShot42 throttle signal.