FPV Pod v2

Two months ago I made my first version of the FPV Pod for my SG Acro frame. But unlike the SG Adventure there is no place for mounting an action camera. I received my new RunCam 2 back in December and decided to change the design of the FPV pod, so I be able to mount the FPV action camera on top of it. Here is the result and how it looks like:


I also made a modification of the angle for the standard FPV camera: now I can switch between 12.5°, 25° and 45°.

And here is the FPV Pod v2 mounted on the SG Acro frame:


Let me know what do you think about the FPV pod. What recommendations do you have?

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  1. jholine moore

    the smd smart drone, the mirhge dron, is the drone I wont to buy, pleas let me now were i,, can buy the drone, thani you jholine moore

    • Sergey

      Hey Jholine, you have left the comment under the wrong article, but its not a problem 😉 I will ask where it will be available and let you know.

  2. Manuel

    I Love this fpv pod, can you sell one or two for my warpquad?

    • Sergey

      Hey Manuel, glad to hear you love it 🙂 I have only one more now, but you can have it. Write me an email using the contact form on the “About” page. Cheers, Sergey

  3. Flex-O FPV

    Hi Sergey, I really like this design! I already purchased the material to cut out 3 sg acro frames and should have enough left over for a couple of these. Are the design files available for this FPV pod?

    • Sergey

      Hey, not at the moment. It needs some tiny improvements to be perfect. But if you think, they could be useful, I will give my best to upload these until end of the week. Best wishes, Sergey

      • Flex-O FPV

        Great! I think any design files would be helpful, as I tend to tweak the designs for my CNC anyhow.

      • Flex-O FPV

        Hi sergey, Any progress on the FPV pod plans? I finally found some good carbon that I’m eager to cut out.

        • Sergey

          Hey, will be hard to update the files as I want. But I think you should be fine with the current verdion as well. Send me an email through the contact form and will email you the dxf file. Best, Sergey

  4. Ricci

    This is awesome, available to buy?

    • Sergey

      Hey Ricci, it is still a prototype and I am working on the newest version. If you are interested, I can let you know when I am going to order the CNC production. Best wishes, Sergey

      • Ricci

        Most definitely interested! It looks like it could work on the hovership, and a 250? Will there be colors to choose from or just black?

        • Sergey

          Hey, it will fit on every frame that have 30.5×30.5 mounting holes for the flight controller. Carbon fiber is only in black. Cheers