My name is Sergey and I am the founder of DroneHiTech.com I am a graduated lawyer, former system administrator of my university and a tech geek. After my final exams back in 2012 I have started in the RC hobby and build my first quadcopter. Since then drones are my passion.

I got a lot of flight experience, knowledge about electronics, current drone technologies and as a lawyer expertise in drone regulations.

Two years ago I started sharing this knowledge on my blog sgeorgiev.com. But it was supposed to be my personal blog, so I decided to create DroneHiTech.com. All of the articles from my personal blog are edited reposted here.

I am going to cover news about drone technology, write reviews of drone products and share my own drone projects. The how-to′s will be as simple as possible and I will give my best to keep the design of the blog nice and clean.