HobbyWing XRotor 10A ESC


Some time ago I looked for small, qualitative and not expensive ESC for my SG Acro quadcopter and I found the HobbyWing XRotor 10A. Ordered four of these and 2 weeks later they are by me.

They came well packaged, but with manual in Chinese. This is actually normal as I ordered the Asia-Version, because it was cheaper. If you wish, you can download the English manual.


The ESC is really small: 36.5mm x 16.4mm x 4.1mm. It weights only 6.5g with 2mm gold connectors already soldered. It is important to know, that the ESC doesn’t have integrated BEC, so you cant power the flight controller directly from the ESC.

I decided to remove the heat shrink on one of the ESCs, to check what is inside. As expected these ESCs are exactly the same as the T-Motor Air 10A.


On the front you can see the SiLabs F396 MCU, so it is possible to flash the BLHeli firmware on it. On the back there is a D2950 3.3V voltage regulator. P-FETs: AON7409. N-FETs: IRFHM830. As well the voltage regulator as FETs are rated up to 30V. So you can use the XRotor 10A with a 4S LiPo battery. It is rated only for 3S battery, so do this on your own risk.


I have tested the ESC on my motor thrust stand and here are the results:

T-Motor MN2206 2000kv – 6×4.5 propeller – 3S 1300mAh 45C Zippy battery

  50% Throttle 240g thrust 3.72A current
100% Throttle 673g thrust 13.8A current

T-Motor MN2206 2000kv – 6×4.5 propeller – 4S 1300mAh 45-90C Nano-Tech

  50% Throttle 382g thrust 4.70A current
100% Throttle 1050g thrust 21A current


I got absolutely the same results with the T-Motor Air 10A ESC. Both ESCs were barely warm after the test. They perform really well and have good responsiveness. I can absolutely recommend these ESCs.

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  1. Nick

    Hay thanks for all the information about everyting on your blog.

    I have also 4 xrotor 10a but may came whit a 16v power cap so 4s will burn them i think.

    Greetz Nick

    • Sergey

      Hey Nick, yes mine are with 16V cap too, but I have tested them on 4S too. I use the 4 x XRotor 10A on my newest SG Acro build and would test again for you with 4S LiPo in flight 😉 Cheers, Sergey

      • Sergey

        Ok, tested in flight with 4S 1300mAh Nano-Tech, no problems. You will probably need to tune your PIDs again 😉

        • Nick

          Oke thats nice to know thanks!!!

          Greetz Nick