I have designed my SG Adventure frame specially for FPV with a GoPro camera. But this frame, like most of the FPV frames, is aerodynamically not perfect. So I decided to adapt my simple SG Acro frame for FPV.

I designed it in CAD and my CNC manufacturer has done it yesterday. It is from 1.5mm high quality carbon fiber and can be mounted on top of your flight controller. The mounting holes have the same pattern as the Naze32 or CC3D (30.5×30.5mm).

Not sure what is the best angle for the FPV camera, so I made it for 25° and 45°.

Here is how It looks like with FatShark 600 TVL camera, Aomway 200mW 5.8GHz video transmitter and FatShark SpiroNET 5.8Ghz antenna. Weight is exact 40g.

Aomway transmitter

It should be mounted with 8mm spacers over the Naze32. Here is how it looks like compared to the center plate of my SG Acro 230mm frame.


This is just a prototype, so tell me what do you think. Are 25° for the camera mount fine?

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