SG Adventure Mini v4


This is the change log of my SG Adventure Mini frame. The actual version is v4.

Design changes: frame is much lighter, looks better and has better aerodynamics. I also put my SG Logo on the center plates. Its possible to mount an Tarot 2D Gimbal on the down side.


Front and rear arms are all the same now. There is also an hole for the motor cables.


Created a tiny cover plate for the front. It have holes for LEDs. In order to use it, you also need the additional 6mm carbon spacers.


Redesigned the third cover plate. An FPV antenna can now be easily mounted on it.


Well, that’s it for now. Tell me what do you think about the new design?

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  1. Aimos

    Which services you use to create the carbon parts? Could you give me the link?

      • Aimos

        Sergey, congratulations on your frame, how much does it weigh? I would like to make one but should weigh max 25gr. (200mm).
        Sorry for my bad english 😉

        • Sergey

          Hey Aimos, it weighs about 80g as I remeber. 25gr. would be only possible if you use thinner material, maybe 2mm for the arms and 1mm for the main plates. My other frame SG Acro, which is 230mm frame, weighs 56g. And this is only the carbon parts, without screws and locknuts 🙂