T-Motor FPV Series Motors – F40, F60 and F80

T-Motor recently released their new FPV series motors – F40, F60 and F80. The F-motors are specially designed for fast & furious flying. They all have a 5mm steel shaft. So you don’t need a propeller adapter anymore and you should not experience any bends by crashes.

T-Motor adapted new method of bearing installation, which should prolong the bearing life time to over 5 times. I also found the new design of the mounting bolt hole very good. Now there is no chance to impact the motor windings with the screws.

The weight of the smallest one F40 is 32 grams, slightly heavier than the good old MN2206 motor. F60 is 38 grams and F80 is 45 grams. All motors are rated for 3-6S batteries. Sadly there is still no thrust data on T-Motor’s website. I will try to get my hands on these and test them on my motor stand. Last but not least:  price for set of two motors is 60$.

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  1. Simo

    HELLO dear. I was wondering if you guys have any T-motor f80 2100kv to buy ?

    • Sergey

      Hello Simo, we are not selling anything here. This is a blog/website for information/education about drones. There are links in the articles which lead to shops, where you could find what you are looking for.