T-Motor F60 Pro IV Review and thrust test

In this motor review, I am going to test and share my thoughts on the newest F60 model – the T-Motor F60 Pro IV. As you can guess by the name, it is the fourth generation of the F60 Pro. The first generation of F60 was launched back at the end of 2015 and since then I have tested both the first-ever F60 motor and the first generation of the “Pro” family. If you compare all the different generations you will see the progress by T-Motor to improve the performance and reduce the weight of the motors, without compromising the build quality.


The new F60 Pro IV motor has slightly changed design compared to the previous generation. Noticeable is the change of the top part of the bell as well as the bottom mounting part of the motor.


The length of the shaft got reduced to 12mm, but I hope this will not be a problem for safely mounting any standard propellers. There are also 3 colour versions available – red, blue and grey (or officially in “gray” as T-Motor is using the U.S wording). According to the manufacturer, the changes in the design has helped them reduce the weight of the motor by 9%. This is great as for any flying machine lightweight is one of the most important factors for longer flight time.



The new generation of the F60 Pro comes in a completely different package than the previous generations. They get rid of the plastic boxes completely and are now using small cartoon boxes. There are no more plastic bags for screws and nuts in the package as well. I think this is great as it is better for the environment. Good move, T-Motor!

What´s in the box?


Except for the F60 Pro IV motor and some stickers, you will receive 4 x M3x8 screws, 4 x M3x9 screws, an M3x4 screw, an M5 nut and a washer.


  • Dimension: Φ27.1×31.1mm
  • KV: 1750, 1950, 2550
  • Weight: 32.5g, 32.3g and 32.4g
  • Motor cable: 20AWG; 150mm

I have kindly received the 1750kv and 2550kv versions from Banggood for the thrust test, so I can compare these with the one provided from the manufacturer.

Thrust tests

As usual, I have used RCBenchmark 1520 Tool with an AIKON 35A BLHeli32 ESC. The SkyRC power supply was set at 16.8V for the 4S test and 25.2V for the 6S test.

The first test I have done was with the F60 Pro IV 2550kv version and HQ 5×4 tri-blade propeller. The maximum thrust was 1436g. at 45.64A.

Throttle (µs) Thrust
El. Power
1300 151 16.69 3.79 63 2.40
1400 352 16.64 6.49 108 3.26
1500 481 16.59 9.61 159 3.02
1600 629 16.52 13.96 231 2.73
1700 822 16.41 20.39 334 2.46
1750 945 16.34 24.57 401 2.36
1800 1036 16.28 28.32 461 2.25
1850 1155 16.20 32.86 532 2.17
1900 1273 16.11 37.79 608 2.09
1925 1302 16.07 40.06 643 2.02
1945 1356 16.04 41.44 664 2.04
1965 1392 16.00 43.08 689 2.02
1985 1422 15.97 44.53 711 2.00
2000 1436 15.95 45.64 728 1.97

I was a bit surprised by the results. Not because the manufacturer claims a maximum thrust of 1526g: I can understand this as T-Motor has used a 5.1” propeller with a pitch of 4.7” (mine was 5” with 4” pitch). I have also performed the test at a room temperature of about 22C, while T-Motor has done it at 12C. So, it was ok to achieve about 90g less thrust. However, the F60 Pro IV produced 56g less thrust than the smaller F40 Pro III 2500kv. There was no difference in the setup I have used. The only variable is the room temperature, which I haven´t measured last year while I was doing the F40 test.

Next, I have tested the 1750KV version on a 6S setup with same ESC and propeller. The maximum thrust produced was 1650g at 35.36A.

Throttle (µs) Thrust
El. Power
1300 87 25.14 2.85 72 1.22
1400 394 25.10 4.88 122 3.22
1500 571 25.06 7.68 192 2.97
1600 756 25.01 11.24 281 2.69
1700 971 24.92 16.23 404 2.40
1750 1112 24.86 19.34 481 2.31
1800 1231 24.81 22.49 558 2.21
1850 1338 24.75 25.99 643 2.08
1900 1488 24.68 29.76 734 2.03
1925 1550 24.65 31.50 776 2.00
1945 1571 24.63 32.91 810 1.94
1965 1624 24.61 34.01 837 1.94
1985 1650 24.58 35.36 869 1.90
2000 1646 24.57 36.14 888 1.85

If you use a higher-pitch propeller, like the T5146, you will achieve about 70g more thrust as claimed by T-Motor.


I like the new design of the F60 Pro IV and the reduced weight of it. The build quality of the motor is great, just like every other F-Series motor by T-Motor. The performance of the 1750KV version is more than enough for a 600g FPV racer (incl. 6S battery). However, if you are looking for a drone on 4S and choosing a high-KV motor, I would recommend the F40 Pro III 2400kv instead of the 2550kv of the F60 Pro.

The price of the motor on Banggood at the time of writing is 28.54 USD or 26.50 EUR for those of you in Europe.

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  1. Flynn203

    I use a stack of the F80 Pros for fixed wing flying, along with the F45A-32bit 3-6S ESC, great motors. Why use the F60 Pro – it’s just a few g lighter?

    Interesting review.

    • Sergey

      Thank you Flynn203! I haven´t tested the F80 Pro yet. However, the previous generation of F80 had an amazing performance. Best, Sergey

  2. Chris

    I question your choice of ESC for this test setup. For the 4S test, you’re pushing 45A through a 35A ESC. This may be limiting your thrust and causing more voltage sag at high throttle.

    • Sergey

      Hello Chris, you might be right. My point was to use one and the same ESC as in previous tests. The ESC is still rated for peak 45A for at least 10sec, so I guess it should not play a role. Best, Sergey