Preview: Naze32 rev6

About month ago AbuseMark released the next revision of his famous flight controller – the Naze32 rev6. Here I will share my thoughts, if you should replace your old Naze32 rev5 or your OpenPilot CC3D.

What’s new:

  • Invensense MPU6500 replace the old MPU6050 gyro
  • Added BMP280 Bosch barometer
  • Spektrum satellite receiver port
  • 16Mbit SPI flash memory
  • SBUS inverter
  • Pads for direct connecting a Sonar
  • Through pin holes for the receiver

The new MPU6500 gyro and accelerometer allows communication per I²C and SPI. Sadly the MPU6500 is still connected via I2C (unlike other STM32 F1 boards with MPU6500). Because of this, if you are planning to use the Cleanflight firmware on the new Naze32 rev6, you need to wait a bit for a stable release.

Having a barometer is a nice feature, but I am not sure if it is needed on an acro quadcopter. I have an upgraded Naze32 rev5 with barometer and have never used it. Through pin holes for the receiver are very welcome, as many pilots (including myself) have broken the receiver pads after crashing.

If you are using Spektrum Satellite or SBUS receiver, you don’t need to hack the Naze32 anymore. These can be easily connected now. You can also use the integrated 2MB flash memory on the Acro Naze32 rev6 for logging data (blackbox feature).

The new Naze32 rev6 have a bit changed design. The USB port is on the right side now. When powering the Naze32 rev6 via PC-USB, you need to know the following fact: your receiver is now powered too. That’s the good news. The problem is, that the ESCs are powered too, because 5V are going to the servo rail.


Most of the changes on the Naze32 rev6 are very welcome. Yes, the processor is still the STM32 F1 and not the newer F3 or F4, but it is ok if you are using these kind of sensors. Is it worth spending 25$ for it?

Yes if:

  • You need the 2MB flash and don’t want to solder it on your own on the old Naze32.
  • You are planning to use SBUS receiver and don’t want to use a separate inverter or do hacks.
  • You neither have the old Naze32 nor want to install Cleanflight on a CC3D.
  • You need the barometer

I will personally stick to my Naze32 rev5 and CC3D for now.

Update 30.12.15: Its available now on Banggood for about 13$. It looks like a genuine product and I will get one for a review.

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  1. Rich

    Once you have flown altitude hold flight mode you will barely want to go back to any other. I have a Cinetank MK1 running Naza lite and I love the altitude hold mode it flies freakin awesome. I also have a ZMR250 that was running Naze32 rev5 but just switched to Naze32 rev 6, I tried to get the latest Cleanflight to work with the new rev 6 but it wobbled sooo bad I switched back to Baseflight and flies fine.

    I strongly suggest trying Baro with GPS as the combo is said to make a perfect altitude hold flight mode. I will post and let ya know

    • Sergey

      Hi Rich, I have tried altitude hold on my Naze32 rev5, but was not so happy with the performance. The DJI Naza is a more advanced controller and I can imagine, that it performs better.