KISS FC firmware update

I have reviewed the KISS flight controller back in January and I was using it on one of my quads with the stock firmware until last week. It was absolutely fine, because I have a pretty old and standard Turnigy 9x radio with FrSky module. But for some reason I decided to update the firmware to the latest 1.02 RC16 and here I will show you how to do it.

First you need to download the DfuSe Demo software for flashing the STM32 MCU from the official webpage. Extract the zip file and start the DfuSe Demo setup.

Once finished you will nee the latest KISS FC firmware. You can get if from the KISS FC RCgroups thread.

Now bridge the boot pads on your KISS flight controller with a wire. If you have the newest KISS FC v1.03 you don’t need to do the last step, as there is now a button, which you only need to press.


Open the DfuSe Demo, choose the firmware file you have already downloaded and connect the KISS FC to the PC. You should see it in the “Available DFU Devices”.


Select “Verify after download” and then click on “Upgrade”.


You can get a message, that your device is read protected or that your device is plugged in DFU mode. Just click “Yes” to continue. At the end your KISS FC should be updated to the latest firmware.

Remove the bridge connection on the boot pads, so your KISS FC could work normally.

Now I hope flyduino will release a new firmware, which will allow us to update the BLHeli firmware of the ESCs using the super simple passthrough method.

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