Flash SiLabs ESC with BLHeli firmware

If you have an ESC with SiLabs MCU, like the HobbyWing XRotor 10A or T-Motor Air 10A, you can flash it with the BLHeli firmware using Arduino board. I will be using my Arduino UNO for the flashing process. If you have another Arduino board, like the Nano, check the pin outs in the 4way-interface manual for it.

First download the latest BLHeliSuite software and unzip the file. Start the BLHeliSuite.exe, go to the “Make Interface”-Tab and choose Arduino 4way-interface.

Arduino 4way-interface

On the newly opened windows click “Ok”, choose the 4wArduino_m328P_16_PB3PB4 file and confirm the flashing.


Your Arduino board is ready for updating the ESC firmware. Now select it from the Interface list.


The next step is connecting the Arduino to the ESC pads: GND (black), C2CK (red) and C2D (white). Note that the pads differ for every ESC and you need to find yours in the “BLHeli supported SiLabs ESCs”.


Arduino UNO connection to the ESC:

  • Arduino GND – GND pad
  • Arduino D12 – C2D pad
  • Arduino D11 – C2CK pad

Now power your ESC with an external battery. Click on “Connect” in BLHeliSuite and then on “Flash BLHeli”. Select your ESC from the list, choose the “Multi”-firmware and click “Ok”. Then confirm the flashing process.


Now your SiLabs ESC runs the BLHeli firmware. If you have any questions about the flashing , leave me a comment. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

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  1. fasil

    Can i flash my 30A xxd HW30 esc with blheli

    • Sergey

      Hey Fasil, could you give me the exact name of the ESC?

  2. Mitch

    Did you have any trouble connecting to the pads to flash to BLHELI? I have had a terrible time getting the pads to hold solder. I even had one solder pad come off. I managed to get 4 of them done but do to the solder pad is holding up my tricopter.

    • Sergey

      Hey Mitch, it is bit tricky indeed. I didnt solder the pads, just hold the header pins on the pads during the flashing. In order to get the solder on the pads you need a bit flux as well. Best, Sergey

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