My new carbon quadcopter frame: SG Adventure

About two months ago, I posted a picture of my broken quad frame. I started developing a new one, more durable frame. I had certain requirements for the new frame:

  • Light weight and durable
  • Stylish look
  • Mounting GoPro and FPV-Equipment
  • Easy transportation: max propeller size 9”

I used some of the ideas from my old frame. Its was a very good frame, but it would be very expensive to manufacture from carbon fiber. So I started drawing a new one on a piece of paper 🙂

Then with the priceless help of my sister, we draw it also in a CAD software. That was not an easy process, but it was worth it. And finally today I received my package with the carbon fiber parts for my new frame. I named it “SG Adventure”, because I am planning to take it always with me on trips and adventures.

All the carbon parts weight 120g. It is a bit more compared to the 75g-plywood old frame, but the carbon fiber is much more durable.

The frame is asymmetric. It is not a classic X-Frame, but a so called V-Frame. The frame is designed to be used with almost all flight controllers such as my HK MultiWii MegaPirate AIO and KK2.0. The famous APM flight controller can be mounted too. The motor holes are standard 19mm x 16mm. I already mentioned that there is space on the front for mounting my GoPro Hero 3 camera.

I will be very happy to get some feedback about my new SG Adventure frame. So feel free to leave me comment.

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