Naze32 Acro review


I ordered the Naze32 Acro flight controller from HobbyKing about two weeks ago. Today I received my package with it from the customs. I knew it is a small flight controller, but didn’t expect that it is so small. It is rev5 of the board. All pins are included in the package.

The quality of the HobbyKing’s Naze32 is very good. PCB looks great and all components are perfectly soldered. Check out how it looks after I soldered the pins.

On the front you can see the STM32F103 processor and the MPU6050 gyroscope / accelerometer.

I am not sure, if it is a good choice for beginners to buy a board without soldered pins. It is not a big deal, but not everyone can use a solder iron.

Before you start, download and install the Windows drivers. Then install the open source Baseflight Configurator in Google Chrome. All settings can now be changed with this Chrome app.

Baseflight firmware is not so advanced as the ArduCopter firmware, but the flight performance in Rate mode is great. The board is also smaller, lighter and cheaper than the KK2.0. So if you don’t need a flight controller for autonomous flights, I can absolutely recommend the Naze32 Acro.

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