KK2.0 board Mixer Settings

Mixer Editor

My new carbon frame was designed to be used for FPV flights and filming with my GoPro Hero 3. The arms on the front have a wider angle; instead of 45°, it is 60° measured to the pitch axis. In order to have a perfect flight experience, I should change these settings in the Mixer Editor of the KK2.0 board. How to do this:

As said the front arms are on 30° to the pitch axis, and 60° to the roll axis. If your frame has other angles of the front arms like the TBS Discovery, just figure out these and keep reading. The numbers in the KK2.0 Mixer Editor are sinus of these angles:

Aileron/Roll: sin(60)=0,86 or for the KK2.0 settings 86.

Elevator/Pitch: sin(30)=0,50 or for the KK2.0 settings 50.

These settings should be changed in the Mixer Editor for CH1 and CH2 (front motors), and on CH1 the Aileron should be negative number or “-86”. CH3 and CH4 should not be changed, as the rear arms are on default 45° to the pitch and roll axes.

If you use a custom V-Frame find out a more detailed information about the settings for your flight controller.

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