FPV, Acro and crash


Yesterday I received two new battery packs, so it was time for flying again. Charged the batteries, packed my SG Adventure Mini and went to the field.

I got over 10min with the first 1300mAh Zippy 40C battery flying FPV. The last two batteries were for Acro training. While I was making flips, I crashed. The crash was with full speed and the left rear arm got broken. Sure the hole for the motor cables is a weak point, but this is also the first arm broken in a year. I am considering either using 4mm carbon fiber or resize/remove the hole. What do you think is better?

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  1. Bol2riz

    Hi mate,

    I was reading several articles from you this morning and especially the one regarding your frames and to me the hole next to the motor will definitely be a weakness point.

    As it can be seen in the picture of your crash. I would suggest not to drill it even more on acro frame as lots of crashes occurs during flips/rolls and with inertia and motor weight the arm uses to snap at this specific stress point.

    Cheers, Olivier 🙂

    • Sergey

      Hi Oliver,

      thank you for your feedback about the frames. I know it is a weak point and thought several times about removing it from the design. I already made it a lot smaller, but still not tested. I am considering 4mm carbon fiber, which will make the arms more rigid too.