DYS XM20 and XM30 ESC

Recently I received another BLHeli ESCs – the DYS XM20 and the DYS XM30. I want to thank GearBest.com for sending me the last one for my review. Here some details about the DYS BLHeli ESCs:

XM20 XM30
Size: 27 x 14.2 x 4.6mm 32 x 15.2 x 5.9mm
Weight: 4.2g 9.1g (7.9g without heat sink)
MCU: Silabs F396 Silabs F396
BEC: No No
LiPo: 3-4S 3-6S


Both DYS ESCs run BLHeli 14.4 firmware, so you can easy change the settings you need through BLHeli Suite software. Damped Light is enabled on default.

The ESC do not have any motor cables, so you don’t need to remove these. The DYS XM20 comes with 20AWG power cables and the 30A version with 18AWG. Personally I somehow prefer the DYS XM30A: the manufacturing quality looks great and it feels more premium compared to the XM20.


The 20A ESC looks similar to the famous LittleBee 20A ESC: it has the same voltage regulator as well as the AON7418N FETs. I haven’t found any information about the MX2103 gate drivers. Same are used on the 30A version too. The DYS XM30 has nice big IRFH7440 FETs, which on theory can handle up to 100A (at 100°C). None of the ESCs have any electrolytic capacitor.


I have tested both DYS ESCs with the Scorpion MII 2204 2300kv, 4S LiPo and HQ5045 propeller. The maximum achieved thrust was 893g at 2.29g/W efficiency – for both ESC. I was quite surprised about that fact, but if you look at the chart data below, you will see that there is some difference in the lower µs-scope.

Thrust data

Summary: The max thrust is the same as with the newly tested Flycolor Raptor ESCs, but a bit behind the LittleBee 20A and XRotor 20A. I like the fact, that you can use the DYS XM30 with a 6S LiPo too. I promised GearBest, to put a link to their website, so if you like the DYS XM30, find it here.

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