Difference between SMA and RP-SMA connectors

If you wondering what is the difference between a SMA and RP-SMA connector and which antenna you should choose for your transmitter or receiver, here is my short and clear answer:

The RP-SMA connector is a variation of the SMA connector and has the same external housing. The only difference is the gender of the interface, but that also makes RP-SMA and SMA connectors incompatible with each other.

For better understanding, check the picture below.

Male and female

From left to right:

  • Video transmitter with RP-SMA Jack*
  • Antenna with RP-SMA Plug
  • Video transmitter with SMA Jack
  • Antenna with SMA Plug

As you can notice, you can not use the one type with the other, so before choosing a new antenna or video transmitter, always look at the connector type. Hope it is more clear now 🙂

* Jack is also called a “female” and plug a “male”.

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