10 Tips for LiPo batteries

Here are my 10 Tips for better performance and longer life of your LiPo battery. It is good to read the basics about LiPo batteries first.

  • Don’t over discharge or over charge the cell. Minimum voltage (Vmin) should not drop below 3.3V and maximum voltage (Vmax) should be 4.2V (4.35V for HV batteries). If you want longer battery life don’t let the Vmin go below 3.5V and charge the battery just to 4.1V. Letting the voltage drops below 3V will cause oxygen release – a reason for puffed cells.
  • Charge your battery at low C-Rate. For longer battery life charge it at 1C-Rate. If you have a 2200mAh LiPo battery, charge it with 2.2A.
  • Charge the LiPo, when its temperature is about 20° C. After flying leave the batteries at home for about an hour before charging. Charging a battery under 20° C will cause lithium plating at the anode and shorten its life.
  • Do not leave the LiPo batteries charge unattended!
  • Storage the battery at 3.7V / cell.
  • Storage the LiPo under 20° C.
  • Storage and charge the batteries in a LiPo Bag.
  • Best operating temperature: 50 > 30 ° C. Using the battery under 15° C at high C-Rate leads to fractures at the cathode. For example: winter flying with temperatures under 5° C at full speed will damage your battery over time and shorten its life. At low temperatures the internal resistance (IR) is also high and would cause poor performance.
  • Do not discharge your battery at too high current. If you have a 1300mAh 45C battery, the maximum safe load will be about 58 Amps. So don’t push your quadcopter at maximum, if you know the total current will be more than 58A. High current discharge leads to puffing too, because of oxidation of the electrolyte.
  • Check the internal resistance of the battery cells regularly. The IR gives you better view of your battery health and performance.

Take care of your batteries and happy flying. If you find the tips helpful leave me a comment or give me a thumbs up!

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