Cobra CP2205 Review

Cobra motors presented their new Champion Series 2205 motors few months ago and I was curious to find out if they are at least so good as the famous CM 2204 2300kv, that I have previously tested.


  • Dimensions: 27.9mm x 16.1mm
  • Stator Diameter: 22mm
  • Stator Thickness: 5mm
  • Weight: 29.8g
  • 5mm propeller shaft

The Cobra Champion Series are available in two versions: 2300kv and 2500kv. The motor, package and accessories are identical, just different kV.

Cobra Box

I need to say that the new design is great. There is no more Cobra logo on the motor, but for me it look much more stylish. Simple text logo, motor size, kv and serial number. The CP2205 motor has a silver bottom now, which is in contrast with the black motor bell. According to Cobra Motor the new design also helps for better cooling and motor efficiency.

Cobra Champion CP2205

The manufacturing quality is much better compared to the old Cobra CM2204 motor. Perfect machining and no vertical play on the motor bell. Bearings are very smooth, but not so smooth as on the T-Motor F-Series motors.

What´s in the box: you get four M3 x 6mm mounting screws, washers and a lock nut. You don´t need any propeller adapters, if you are going to use props with 5mm mounting holes. The mounting pattern is standard: M3 16mm x 19mm.

Cobra CP2205 bottom

The 22AWG motor leads are 55mm long, which is absolutely fine for most 210mm type FPV racers. There are no bullet connectors, so you can directly solder the cables to the ESC pads.

Thrust Tests

The CP2205 2300kv motor was tested with a LittleBee 20A Pro ESC on 4S and 5045 HQ propeller. Here are the results:


Later I will update my best 2300kv motor article and will add the new cobra motor in the comparison.

Cobra CP2205 vs. T-Motor F40 vs. Lumenier RB2204

For the 2500kv version I decided to compare it directly with the T-Motor F40 2500kv and the Lumenier RB2204 2500kv motor. I chose the Aikon SEMF 30A BLHeliS ESC for my tests, because it was the best performing ESC among all.

Note, that It is not very fair test for the Lumenier motor, as its stator thickness is 4mm (2204 type motor).

The build quality of all three motors is superior, so let´s go to the thrust results.


The Cobra CP2205 outperformed the F40 2500kv and provided 1.1kg maximum thrust.


The new redesigned Cobra CP2205 motor offers great manufacturing quality, cool design and amazing performance. You can find the new Cobra motor for 18.99$ at Banggood. As an European I bought my motors from for 18.99€.

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