Welcome to my new drone blog

In the past 2 years I have posted many articles about drones on my blog sgeorgiev.com. It was supposed to be my personal blog, so I decided to create DroneHiTech.com. Here you will find news, reviews and how-to′s from the world of drones.

I will try to deliver the latest relevant news about drones technology on a weekly basis. The reviews will be in a great depth and the how-to′s as simple as possible. Design is very important and I will give my best to keep it nice and clean. I like taking beautiful photos, even if it′s just a photo of a processor chip. As an essential part of the good design,  pictures will be nice, clear and in high resolution.

The blog will be in a beta-stage for the next few weeks. Most of the drone articles from sgeorgiev will be edited and reposted here. Have a fun while reading and thank you for your feedback.

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