T-Motor F20 Review

Those of you, who are in the multirotor hobby for the past 4 years, would know the mini T-Motor MT1306 3100kv motor. I never had the chance to test it, but thanks to Anki from T-Motor I got the new F20 3200kv and 4100kv motors. These are actually 1406 motors, so slightly bigger than the MT1306 motor.


  • 3200kv and 4100kv
  • Stator Diameter: 14mm
  • Stator Length: 6mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
  • Motor Dimensions: Φ18.8×15.5mm
  • Weight: 13g and 13.1g

T-Motor is famous for his great manufacturing quality and the new F20 motor confirms that fact. Like all other F-Series motors it  has a sticker and integrated 5mm threaded motor shaft. It was a bit hard to mount the 5” HQ prop, but no problems with my KingKong 4045 props.

I can’t say anything about the cables, because I don’t see the AWG number. I guess they are 22AWG or 24AWG and 70mm long. No bullet connectors, so you can directly solder the motor cables to the ESC.

What’s in the package: you have one F20 motor, a lock nut and 4 x M2x4mm screws. If you are going to mount the F20 motors on a frame with arms thicker than 2mm, you better buy 6mm long screws. The mounting holes pattern is: M2 12 x 12mm.

The T-Motor F20 is really small and light weight. On the following picture you can compare it with the F40 2500kv version.


I was really not sure which propeller and LiPo battery combination to choose for my F20 tests. Checked the results for the MT1306 and saw only 2S LiPo battery test, which is a no go for me. So I decided to test it with a 4×4.5 propeller on 3S. Here you can see and download the results with two different BLHeli ESCs – LittleBee 20A Pro and Flycolor Raptor 390 30A.

Littlebee 20A Pro vs. Flycolor Raptor 390

I got max thrust of 342g and 2.67g/W efficiency. You can download the complete exported data from my RCbenchmark tool here. At the end of the test the motor was perfectly cool, no sync issues, so I decided to test it with a 4S battery: the F20 3200kv produced 510g thrust. Max current was 17.25A and absolutely fine for the LittleBee 20A Pro. The motor was hot at the end of the test (about 70° C), but luckily it didn’t burn 🙂

The last part of my test was with the F20 4100kv version, which I tested with the same 3S battery, 4” prop and LittleBee 20A Pro ESC. Here are the results:

Throttle Thrust (g) Current (A)
50% 178 5.16
70% 320 11.42
100% 438 18.48

Summary: The T-Motor F20 motor is as good as its big brothers (F30, F40) and performed great in my thrust tests. It will be perfect for a 150mm FPV copter because of its size and light weight. My only suggestion for T-Motor is to provide M2x6mm mounting screws, because most of the frames have 3mm arms. I also like the stickers of the F-Series FPV motors, because they protect the motor from tiny scratches and look very cool. Maybe it is a good idea, to provide one or two spare stickers in every package. There is still no official price for the F20 motors, but maybe it will be around 19$.

Update: You can get these small beasts from Banggood for 17.99$.

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  1. Are the wires solid or stranded? My DYS motors are solid and I’ve already had one break.

    • Sergey

      Need to check again, but I think they are stranded. Best, Sergey