SunnySky Edge Racing R2205 Lite 2300KV

Today I am going to review the new SunnySky Edge Racing R2205 2300kv motor, as well as the Lite version. I want to say thanks to Edge Smart Drive Technology, a subsidiary company of Sunnysky, for sending me samples.


  • Dimensions: Φ28.05×18.42mm
  • 5mm propeller shaft
  • 2300kv
  • Weight: 27.3g
  • 2-4S LiPo

The normal non-lite version has the same size, but weighs a bit more – 29g. The build and CNC quality of both versions is great. I can compare it with the one from T-Motor. The Japan EZO bearings are extremely smooth and silent. There is no vertical play in the bell and windings look perfect. I have wondered why the windings of the R2205 Lite are somehow brighter and white: it is because the wire is silver plated, which according to the manufacture should increase the efficiency by more than 5%.


The hollow motor shaft is 13mm long  and made of steel, just like all other motors nowadays. I also like the grip on the surface where the propeller is mounted. The Lite version is cut as much as possible, in order to reduce the weight and improve motor cooling. I must admit, that it looks great, but I am not sure if it will survive potential crashes.

The package isn’t anything special, but the motor is well protected. Additional to the Edge Racing motor, there are mounting screws and aluminum lock nut inside the box.


The mounting holes of the R2205 are standard: M3 19x16mm. Personally I will be careful when mounting the Edge Racing R2205 Lite version on my frame and not tighten it too much.

Motor wires are 20AWG and 70mm long, which is just fine for any 180mm-210mm quad build.

Thrust test

I have only managed to test the motor with the FVT LittleBee 20A Pro ESC on 4S LiPo. The same combination of battery, ESC and propeller was chosen, so I can add the data to my best 2300kv motor comparison. The data from the normal and lite version is almost identical (<0.1% difference) as you can see on the picture below. Download the full data.


What I didn’t expected was, that both SunnySky Edge Racing motors will outperform any other 2300kv motor, that I have tested so far. In fact these motors provided about 90g. more thrust than the winner in my best 2300kv motors article, so I need to update it.

Summary: The SunnySky Edge Racing Series motors are the new champions in the 2300kv category. I very much like the design, light weight and manufacturing quality. My only concern is the durability of the motor by crashes. Price for the normal version is 18.95$ and the motor is now in stock. The Edge Racing Lite version is available and can be ordered here.

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