SkyRC Q200–Quattro Battery Charger Review

The SkyRC Q200 is a premium class battery charger, which can charge four different types of batteries – at the same time! Thanks to for providing it for this review.

SkyRC Q200 Specifications

  • Size: 197mm x 182mm x 17mm
  • Weight: 1335g
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V / DC 11-18V
  • LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV Battery Cell Count: 1-6S
  • NiMH/NiCd Battery Cell Count: 1-15S
  • Pb Battery Voltage: 2-20V

The charger came well packed with all the needed accessories and cables. Very detailed manual in English is also included.


It´s big. Really big! Check on the picture below to compare it with the SkyRC S60 charger. If you have planned to take it with you on your next vacation for charging your LiPo batteries, forget about that. Or you will need to pay for extra luggage.


You can power it with AC and DC voltage. Acceptable input AC voltage is between 100-240, so you can use in every country. There is also a power switch, unlike on the S60 mini charger.

Power switch

DC voltage is an interesting feature for those who plan to charge their batteries on the field using either the cigar lighter socket or a high-capacity LiPo battery.

DC Input

On the front you can see two of the four output sockets, temperature sensor port, USB power port and miniUSB port. You can use the USB power port for charging your smartphone or any other 5V tolerant device.

4mm output

Build quality

The build quality is superior, just like on the S60 charger. The bigger fan of the Q200 is more noisy, but this is normal and needed when charging/discharging 4 batteries at once.


The color LCD display is very nice and you can even see animations of the battery charging as well the remaining power in %.


The main advantage of this charger is, that you can charge/discharge four different type of batteries at once. On the picture below you can check a process of charging a 4S and 6S battery as well as discharging two 3S batteries.


Some of you may ask what is the point of charging 4 batteries at once? Well if you have read my 10 Tips for LiPo Batteries, you will know, that you shall storage your batteries at 20-30% of its capacity! If you do so and want to go out for flying in 30min you need to charge more batteries at once. That is why I like so much the SkyRC Q200.

Unlike the small S60 charger, you can also charge 5S and 6S batteries. The LiHV charging, battery meter and resistance meter functions available on the S60 are featured in the Q200 as well.

Note: The internal resistance meter is a great tool for battery maintenance and battery health.

Using the ChargeMaster software you can view realtime graphics or control the charger device via the microUSB port while connected to a PC.

What is more cool? The Q200 has an integrated bluetooth module and you can connect it to your mobile phone. The “Q200” App is available for iOS and Android.


You can control the charger, check the voltage and even create stickers for you batteries. Using those you can easily track how many times you have charged a certain battery.

Note: Check the bluetooth password under settings or set your own password before connecting to your smartphone.


The SkyRC Q200 is from now on my primary charger. It has great build quality and it has a lot of functions, nice color screen, bluetooth and most importantly can charge 4 batteries at once.

If you are hardcore FPV drone pilot and want to quickly charge all your batteries, you won´t regret getting the Q200 charger. If it doesn´t fit in your budget you can look on Banggood for the D100, which can charge two batteries at the same time.

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  1. Tschens

    This charger has serious problems with Pb and Nicd batteries, especially when they are well discharged. I am not able to charge the Pb batteries of my lawnmover or the NiCd battery of my electric drill. After starting the charging, almost immediately the error message “no battery connected” appears on the display. Obviously, the battery check procedere is way too fast and/or inacurate. Abolutely no problem to charge this batteries with my good old Graupner Ultramat 16 or with the Absima Duo Touch charger. Contacted the support, but they did not answer.

    • Sergey

      Hi Tschens, thanks for your feedback about the charger. I have only charged NiMh and LiPo batteries as these are the primary batteries we use in the RC hobby and it is working fantastic. Hopefully your problem will be solved with a firmware upgrade. Best wishes, Sergey

  2. Raketemensch

    Four months later, is this still your primary charger?

    • Sergey

      Hello Raketemensch, yes still my primary charger and am happy with it. Best wishes / Grüße

  3. Tschens

    Still no firmware update, the support team does not understand the NiCd and Pb charging problem. Charger not usable for me, standing around with a layer of dust. Absima duo touch is my favorite.

    • Sergey

      Well, that is not a good feedback for those who want to charge NiCd and Pb batteries. But its perfect for LiPo batteries and FPV pilots charging a lot of small lipo packs.

  4. Thomas V.

    4 years later… is this still your primary charger or have you moved on?
    What’s your experience on LiPo’s and “fast charge” vs “charge” (or even balanced charge). I get the impression that Fast Charge is limited to 1C (or less) so I don’t think it’s actually any different from the regular Charge option/setting. Any thoughts?

    • Sergey

      Hello Thomas, yes, still using the Q200 as my primary charger. I only use the balance charging mode usually at 2C, which is absolutely fine for me. Best, Sergey

    • Raketemensch

      I’m still using mine, too. 1s-4s, charging goggle batteries, drone batteries and fixed wing batteries at once before heading out, and with the USB port on the front I’m charging the GoPro or my old EV80p goggles for “passengers.”