Scorpion MII 2204 2700kv

The new Scorpion MII 2204 is the first 2700kv motor, that I have tested on my thrust stand. If you haven’t read my review of the Scorpion 2300kv motor, that I published few days ago, do it now. Everything that I said about it, is true for the 2700kv version. The only single difference between both motors is the weight: the 2204 2700kv weighs 0.6g more.

I have tested the motor with the following ESCs to ensure the maximum possible thrust: KISS24A, LittleBee 20A Pro and the XRotor 20A. Both LittleBee 20A Pro and the XRotor performed better than the KISS24A. In the range of 1400µs – 1800µs the motor provided more thrust with the LittleBee ESC. The maximum thrust of 1073g was achieved with the XRotor 20A. For these tests I have used a HQ5045 prop and 4S LiPo battery.

KISS24, LittleBee 20 Pro, XRotor 20A

I also have done a test on 3S with the same 5” propeller. This data could be mainly useful for new pilots, that don’t need a very fast quad at the beginning.

XRotor 20A – HQ5×4.5 propeller – 3S 2.200mAh 45-90C Nano-tech

50% Throttle 225g 4.86A
70% Throttle 410g 10.08A
100% Throttle 696g 20.31A

The Scorpion MII 2204 2700kv is a great choice for some smaller 180mm quads too. That is why I have done a test on 4S with a KingKong 4045 propeller.

LittleBee 20A Pro – KingKong 4×4.5 propeller – 4S 16.000mAh 10C Multistar

50% Throttle 204g 4.43A
70% Throttle 357g 9.71A
100% Throttle 602g 16.97A

Summary: I like the look and the build quality of the MII 2204 2700kv motor. If you are planning to build a small FPV quad, you can definitely choose this one. So far I am very happy with it and will build my next FPV quad using these motors. You can find the set of 2 motors on the official webpage of Scorpion.

Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions or want to share your experience with this motor.

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  1. Eloy Gambin

    Did you try them with triblade¿?

    • Sergey

      Hey Eloy, no. Still have no triblades. Noted on the To-Do list 🙂 Best, Sergey

  2. francesco

    Hi Eloy, sorry for my bad English .I builded a nighthawk 200 with these motors, it flies pretty nice, but after like 2m of flying motors or esc (i dunno) stop suddently, i think it could be too much amp drawing but i can’t check it to verificate. After the quad fall down, it can fly again nice as before for a little time and then occasionally fall down again, i think it happens when i fly more aggressive. I have this problem just with 4s lipo with the 3s everything is fine, flip and stuff.
    My rig is:
    2204-2700 scorpion
    30a littlebee
    naze32 rev5 cleanflight
    4s 1400 65c
    4.5 2blade props

    That problem won’t happen on 3s 1300 45-90c
    Maybe you or some one else with those motors have the same problem and you figured out how to fix it in order to fly a full 4s battery without trouble.

    • francesco

      ehm sorry Sergey i thought Eloy made this, keep the good work up!

    • Sergey

      Hey Francesco, you should have a bad solder connection. I have experienced similar problems in the past and it was because of bad soldering. Solder everything again. Best, Sergey

      • francesco

        Hi Sergey, thanks for reply. I don’t think its a matter of soldering, otherwise the problem should be present also when i fly on 3s lipo, anyway i’m going to triple check again all my soldering,
        I would like to share with you a blackbox of that problem and also my blheli suite setting, but i don’t know how to share those things on this thread.
        I opened a thread of this on another site with everything, if you can take a look.
        Can i set low ESR cap with blheli suite? i can’t find anything about it, how can i do it?
        thanks for your time, best of luck!

        • Sergey

          A cap can only be soldered to the ESC. It is an electronic component – capacitor 🙂 The problem could be because of the ESC, but in general all current ESCs work fine on 4s even without an extra capacitor. Re-do the soldering again at first place. Best, Sergey

          • francesco

            Unfortunately i dont have a spare esc to try it, i’m going to redo soldering right now. I still can’t figure out why it flies perfect on 3s and why it doesn’t on 4s.
            I will update after resoldering

          • francesco

            I noticed on BlackBox motor #3 was doing strange things, so it could be a bad solder on motor #3 or a bad esc/motor. I swapped just the motor because i dont have a spare esc and resolder everything, and tadaahh!!!! GREAT SUCCESS
            Seems fixed! i managed to finish my first 4s lipo pack!! I’m super excited.
            Those motor are crazy, sounds like F1, and punch on throttle so high, i’m loving it.
            Do you think i could try bigger props with my rig like 5030 or even 5045 or even 3blade?
            Big Thanks to you Sergey, you just made my day!
            Best of luck

          • Sergey

            Great! I am using these on one of my quads right now with these KingKong 5040 props on 4S without a problem. Super fast 🙂 Best wishes

          • francesco

            Nice to know, i was super worried about amp drawing, those motors also suck like a slut, i will try bigger props! I can’t stop thank you again and again 😉 first 4s setup here freaking awesome!
            Happy Flying