RunCam 2 pre-order available

RunCam has just made its new RunCam 2 available for pre-order. It’s the successor of the RunCam HD. The camera has a different form factor compared to GoPro or Xiaomi Yi and because of this is better for FPV racing. Here some details about the new RunCam 2:

Size: 66mm(L) x 38mm(W) x 21mm(H)

Video Resolution:

  • 1440p at 30fps
  • 1080p at 60fps
  • 720p at 120fps

Extremely Low Latency:

  • 40ms at (720p 120fps)
  • 60ms at (1080p 60fps)

It doesn’t have the high resolution of 4k like the GoPro, but it is also not in the same class and price range. For most FPV pilots 720p at 120fps should be perfect, because of the low latency.

The camera FOV angle is 120°, which is in my opinion fine. The camera weigh only 49g with the battery and 35g without it. The battery is 850mAh and according to RunCam should last for at least 90min on 1080p at 60fps.

The RunCam 2 accepts DC input voltage of 5-17V. So you can either power it (without the need of battery) from a 5V BEC or directly from your 2-4S LiPo battery. The camera has a Micro USB-Port which is in my opinion better than using the Mini USB.

RunCam 2 has a lens hood too. Its not for crash protection! It blocks sun light to prevent glare and lens flare. Like the lens hoods that we use on DSLR cameras.


WiFi is on board, so you can connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to the camera and change its settings. For Android smartphones there is also a Live Preview option available.

It seems you have all what you need for FPV flying and filming in one package. The camera is available in two colors: silver and orange. The orange one should be easy to find if/when you crash.

If you like it, go to RunCam’s webstore and pre-order yours. I have just ordered mine in orange and will review it when it arrives.

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