Review: Scorpion MII 2204 2300kv

I received samples of the new Scorpion MII 2204 2300kv and wanted to share my impressions. I will make quick comparison with the predecessor M2204 2300kv that I have reviewed back in December 2015. Using my professional thrust stand from RCbenchmark, I am going to test the new motor with some popular ESCs.


  • Dimensions: Φ27.9×17mm
  • 5mm propeller shaft
  • 2300kv
  • Weight: 26.3g
  • 3-4S LiPo

The new MII 2204 2300kv has only 0.5mm bigger length than the old one. It weighs less than 1g more. The new Scorpion motor comes only in CW version and with lock nut instead of bullet nut. Both the lock nut and the motor have a grip to secure the propeller.


The motor set is very well packaged and protected. It includes two MII 2204 2300kv motors and the needed mounting screws (2 x M3 and 4 x M2.5).

PackageLock nut

The build quality of the motor is superior! Motor is balanced and there is no vertical play in the bell. Motor wires are 20AWG and about 100mm long. Here is a picture of the HQ5045 propeller mounted on the 5mm shaft.


Like his predecessor, the MII 2204 have standard M2.5 16×12 mounting holes, as well as two M3 19mm holes.

Mounting holes

I can’t make a direct comparison to the old Scorpion motor, because I do not have the Afro ESC anymore. For this test I am going to use the popular KISS24A, LittleBee 20A and 20A Pro as well as the XRotor 20A. Both LittleBee ESCs performed almost the same, so I am going to share only the result from the LittleBee 20A Pro.

KISS24A – HQ5×4.5 propeller – 4S 16.000mAh 10C Multistar

50% Throttle 236g 3.80A
70% Throttle 407g 8.96A
100% Throttle 845g 23.47A


Compared to the Cobra CM2204 2300kv, the Scorpion MII 22204 motor provided only 6g. less thrust. I cant consider this as a bad result, because the Cobra motor is actually a 2205 motor and not 2204.

LittleBee 20A Pro – HQ5×4.5 propeller – 4S 16.000mAh 10C Multistar

50% Throttle 324g 6.27A
70% Throttle 642g 14.09A
100% Throttle 922g 24.38A


The MII 2204 2300kv performed much better with the new LittleBee 20A Pro. As I already mentioned it, I got almost the same result with the “old” LittleBee 20A. I guess the “Pro” with the F396 MCU outperforms the old one only on high-KV (2500kv+) motors.

The best thrust result was achieved with the XRotor 20A ESC926g. The chart below shows the thrust data for all four ESCs – signal range 1400(µs) and 2000(µs):

KISS24, LittleBee, XRotor

Summary: So far the MII 2204 2300kv from Scorpion is the best performing 2204 motor, that I have tested. The set of two motors costs 44.99$, but it is worth every penny.

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  1. Dan

    Is there any Torque_Data (graphs, tables) for Scorpion MII-2204-2300KV / Scorpion MII-2204 2700KV?
    Any suggestions for torque-meters capable to perform these measurements?

    • Sergey

      Hello Dan, no we dont have any torque_data as we are using the RCbenchmark Tool 1520. Best wishes