Naze32 custom motor mix for V-Type frame


I use the Naze32 board on my new SG Adventure Mini frame. It is a custom V-Type frame like the TBS Discovery and Dead Cat frame. The qaudcopter flew great on a standard X configuration, but I wanted it to be properly configured. Made the measurements in AutoCAD, but I also printed it on A4 for better understanding.

First measure the distance from every motor shaft to the Roll and Pitch axes on your frame. Then you need to set a custom motor mix for the Naze32.

Connect the board to the Baseflight Configurator and go to the CLI-Tab. Type “cmix” in the command line to load the custom mix. You need to define Throttle, Roll, Pitch and Yaw for every motor. For example: Motor 1 (Rear Right):

cmix 1 1 –1 1.3 –1

What this mean: cmix 1 defines the motor number. The next value is for Throttle. “1” is for 100%. The next two values are for Roll and Pitch.

Here is how to calculate these: Take the distance value from Motor 1 to the Roll and Pitch axes. Divide both values by the distance value to the Roll axe.

Note: You can also take the biggest distance value you have measured on your frame and divide all others by it. By doing this all values will be smaller then “1”. This is not relevant for the Naze32, but it so for the KK2.0. It doesn’t allow values bigger than 1.27.

Roll: 83 / 83 = 1 (it should be negative for the motor 1 and motor 2, because these are on the right of Roll)

Pitch: 108 / 83 = 1.3

Yaw value of every motor could be 1. It is negative because the motor 1 spins clockwise.

Motor 2 (Front Right):

cmix 2 1 -1.28 -1 1

Distance to the Roll and Pitch axes are: 106,9mm and 83mm. Divide both values again by the value from motor 1 to the Roll axe – 83. Its just a coincidence that my motor 1 roll distance and motor 2 pitch distance are both 83mm.

Roll: 106,9 / 83 = 1.28

Pitch: 83 / 83 = 1

Yaw is positive because motor 2 spins counterclockwise.

The values for Motor 3 and Motor 4 are nominal the same. So we have for motor 3 and motor 4:

cmix 3 1 1 1.3 1

cmix 4 1 1.28 -1 -1

The sanity check should be “OK OK OK”. Save the settings by typing “Save” and press “Enter”. My sanity check was not “OK OK OK”, because I haven’t calculated the Yaw values. Although the quadcopter flew even better with the new settings.

Read more about the settings for custom frames.

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