Kingkong propellers

In the past year I mostly used carbon propellers on my quadcopters. Carbon propellers have great durability and survive much more crashes than a normal plastic propeller. At least that is my observation. Sadly all of my carbon propellers were not balanced at all. Without balancing them I suffer from extreme vibrations. But I like that carbon finish!

Even am I a fan or carbon props, I saw the Kingkong 6×4 plastic propellers and decided to give them a try. Ordered two packages, one in black and one in green. Every package consists of 10 pairs.

The props finally arrived today. Packaging was great. Unlike all other propellers that I have ordered, these came in a small box. It makes the package bigger, but the props are safe during transportation.

The Kingkong propellers have a 5mm mounting hole, so you don’t need additional spacers. I found it cool, that every propeller has a tiny rotation direction marker. The propellers have a nice matte finish too.

Black and green

Sure they are not so stiff like a carbon propeller and will flex more in flight. Many pilots claim that the Kingkong props are very durable. I cant say for sure as I haven’t crashed yet. But what can I say for sure is, that these propellers are very good balanced. For now my standard propellers. Get them, pack your things and go flying!

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