EMAX RS2205S Review

Emax redesigned their popular RS2205 motor and presented an upgraded version of it – the new Emax RS2205S motor. There are two versions available: 2300kv and 2600kv.

I have ordered the 2300kv version, so I can easily compare it to the old RS2205 motor, that I have previously tested.


  • Dimensions Φ27.9×14.8mm
  • Stator Diameter: 22mm
  • Magnet Poles: 14
  • KV: 2300 and 2600
  • Weight: 28.8g


Packaging box is the same as the old red bottom RS2205 motor. It includes the motor, mounting screws (M3 6mm and M3 8mm), lock nut and hex screwdriver. The new locknut is not from steel anymore, but from aluminium.

The new upgraded RS2205S motor is physically smaller and lighter than the old one. The length of the new RS2205S is about 1.8mm smaller. Weight: 3g less than the old version.

Emax have replaced the magnets with new arc N52SH magnets. Personally I though the use of those magnets only safe some space, but according to Emax there is 10% increase in the magnetic field intensity. Other motors like the LDPower FR2305 race motors also use those kind of magnets.

The 5mm propeller shaft has been changed with a hollow steel shaft. It should give some more strength to it.

Hollow shaft

Bottom part is mostly unchanged. Mounting pattern is the same: standard M3 19mm x 16mm. The motor shaft on the new RS2205S motor is now held by a hex screw and not a clip anymore.


The motor cables are also a bit shorter: 55mm. It is absolutely enough for mounting on a 210mm quad.

Overall build quality is very good, just like on the old RS2205 motor. However the bearings are not so smooth as the one of T-Motor, Cobra or the new LDPower.

Thrust tests

For my bench tests I have used my standard equipment: RCbenchmark 1520 Tool, 4S 16.000mAh LiPo and the Aikon BLHeliS ESC.

Thrust test

As you can see on the chart above the maximum thrust of these motors is amazing. Compared to the old Emax motor and other 2300kv motors the new RS2205S provided about 90g more thrust. Using the 3-blade HQ5045 Skizzo propeller it achieved 1.3kg thrust.


The new RS2205S motors are great upgrade of the old “red bottoms” motors. They offer much more thrust, while size and weight have been decreased. I have ordered a package of 4 x 2300kv motors for 74$ from Banggood. Already checked the anti-counterfeit code and the motors are genuine. A 4pcs pack of the 2600kv version is available for 67$ at Gearbest.

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