ArduCopter connecting with DroidPlanner 2

I already described how to connect ArduCopter based flight controller with Mission Planner over Bluetooth. As I don’t want to take my laptop when flying, but I always have my HTC One X (running Android 4.2.2) with me I tried to connect the ArduCopter (the MegaPirate version of it) with my HTC over Bluetooth. I searched the Google Play Store for DroidPlanner and installed it. But I always got an error “DroidPlanner has unfortunately  stopped” as I tried to connect over Bluetooth. So I searched again and happily found the new version of DroidPlanner. It is completely new and very good looking. Great job and my admits to the developers. And with this new version I don’t need to do the trick as in Mission Planner by first clicking on “Connect” and then connecting the power supply to my Bluetooth module.


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