Aikon F7 Mini V2 for DJI FPV System

Aikon Electronics have just released a new F7 flight controller, called Aikon F7 Mini V2. The flight controller is specifically designed to be easily connected to DJI´s FPV Air Unit and Aikon´s 4in1 ESCs.

The Aikon FC comes packed in a plastic box with 3 cables included and some mounting rubber rings. There is one 6-pin cable to connect the FC to DJI´s FPV air unit and one 8-pin cable to connect to Aikon´s 4in1 ESCs, like the Aikon AK32PIN 4-in-1 35A 6S. Additionally there is one more 8-pin cable for connecting to other non-4in1 ESCs. It should have been nice if the cables were labelled, like “ESC”, “FC” and “DJI HD”, so it is then even easier for absolute beginners how to connect it.


  • Mounting Holes: 20 x 20mm
  • Weight: 7g
  • MCU: STM32F722RE
  • IMU: MPU6000
  • Flash memory: 16MB
  • Integrated OSD
  • Battery voltage: 2-6S

The new Aikon flight controller is featuring a F7 processor running on 216Mhz. This is the latest generation MCU used in flight controllers with more clock speed and more UART ports compared to a F4 flight controller. The MPU6000 is well known and proven low noise IMU. There is also integrated OSD, 16MB of memory for blackbox and 5 UART ports. There is also a battery voltage sensor, so you can have this information on your DJI Goggles OSD.


The flight controller is small enough to fit even on mini FPV quadcopters and its weight is just around 7g. The quality of the board is great and I haven´t expected anything else from Aikon Electronics.


The new Aikon F7 Mini V2 is still one of the few (20x20mm) flight controllers designed to easily connect with DJI´s FPV System. It can be used on mini FPV racers because of its compact size and weight and it should also be less prone to damages on standard 5” frames as it should be well protected by the frame. If you are looking for a flight controller for your next build with the DJI FPV System, you can definitely consider this F7 board. Its rice is currently around 40$ and it can be ordered from Banggood.

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Thanks to Aikon Electonics for providing the sample for this review!

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