Waterproof bag for DJI Mavic Pro

If you haven´t got yourself the DJI Mavic Pro combo with the original Mavic Shoulder Bag, you may be interested in an affordable waterproof bag for your Mavic.

We ordered the 20$ bag from Banggood and it arrived in about 2 weeks to Germany with the priority direct mail. The build quality is just fine.

There is enough space for your Mavic Pro, two additional batteries, charger and remote controller. You can use the zipper storage bag for storing some propellers or cables.

Battery, remote controller

The remote controller sticks will be much better protected if you put it with the face down. However then you can´t store the charger below it.

Mavic Pro

The bag and the zipper are waterproof, so you can protect your drone in the rain. If you are wondering if you can dive with the bag – the answer is NO 🙂 It is of course not 100% waterproof and if you put it under water for more than half a minute it will start filling with water. Overall it is a good accessory for its price.

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