Flashing SimonK with Arduino through the signal wire (1-wire)

BlueSeries 12A

In this article I will show you how to flash the SimonK firmware with Arduino through the ESC´s signal wire. Important: in order to do this, the bootloader of the ESC must be enabled. This is the case if you have bought a SimonK preflashed ESC (Afro ESC, DYS SN20) or you have already flashed the ESC and enabled the bootloader.

Needed parts:

  • Arduino board
  • ESC with bootloader enabled

Making ArduinoUSBLinker:

First we need to flash the ArduinoUSBLinker code to the Arduino. If you want to upload it through the Arduino Software, download the source code. Open the ArduinoUSBLinker.ino file in the Arduino Software, select the right COM port and upload it.


You can also use the KKmulticopter Flash Tool to do this. Go to the “Tools”-menu, click on “Upload Arduino USB Linker” and select your Arduino board. Wait for the message, that you should connect the Arduino to the PC. Then plug it in and click “Ok”. The Arduino should be detected by the system. If the flashing is successful, the Arduino board is ready.


Connect the orange wire (signal) from the ESC to Digital Pin2 on the Arduino and the brown wire (ground) to the GND Pin on the Arduino. Connect the ESC to an external power.

Flashing the firmware: Its almost like the standard way of flashing the firmware. The only difference is to choose the ArduinoUSBLinker as a Programmer. Then select the right ESC controller, the right firmware and firmware version as usual. Click on the green button on the right to flash it.


You can also flash the SimonK firmware using the RapidFlash App for Google Chrome. It looks very similar to the Baseflight/Cleanflight Configurator. Select Programmer, COM Port, Firmware and Firmware version and click flash. On the ”Advanced”-Tab you can enable the comp_pwm or motor_brake features much easier than with the KKmulticopter Flash Tool.


If you have any problems or need more details, leave me a comment.

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  1. Vishal


    Thanks for your great help !

    Can i do the same with Arduino Nano V3 Board ? Please reply.


    • Sergey

      Hey Vishal, I think you should be able to do it with the Arduino Nano as well. Regards, Sergey

  2. K1419


    Whenever I try to flash the firmware,
    I get this message: Using cached copy of the firmware

    20:57:58 — Connection successfully opened with ID: 7

    20:58:03 — Connection to the module failed

    20:58:03 — Successfully closed serial connection

    20:58:16 — Using cached copy of the firmware

    20:58:16 — Connection successfully opened with ID: 8

    20:58:21 — Connection to the module failed

    20:58:21 — Successfully closed serial connection

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • Sergey

      Hello, are you sure the ESC has a SimonK bootloader with bootloader enabled for flashing? Can you provide more information on your ESCs? Best, Sergey