DYS SE2008 2550kv Race Edition

The DYS SE2008 2550kv Race Edition is the new FPV motor in the DYS SE-line. Thanks to DYS I got it for a review before it is officially launched.


  • 2550kv
  • Stator Diameter: 20mm
  • Stator Length: 8mm
  • Motor Dimensions: Φ25.55 × 20mm
  • Weight: 32.5g

The motors are well packaged and protected. You get 2 lock nuts and mounting screws with for every motor. There is also a wrench, but I don’t think you need it in every package. It is just waste of natural resources and money.


The DYS SE2008 has a better build quality than its big brother – SE2205 2300kv. It is smooth enough, but not as good as T-Motor´s F-Series. The windings are fine, but I found a bit solder on one of my motors. It is possible, that it is from me, but I can’t say for sure. Have a look at your motors, before using these.


Mounting hole pattern is standard: M3 19mm x 16mm. Just like the SE2205, the SE2008´s shaft is fixed with a hex-screw and not with a C-clip. It was so tightened, that I didn’t manage to unscrew it.

Let´s go to the interesting part of this review: the thrust data 🙂 I have used the new DYS XS30A BLHeli_S and two types of propeller: HQ5045 and the new KingKong 5x5x3.

The first test was with a 3S LiPo battery, because I was not sure if the motor can handle the 5” prop on 4S.

3S LiPo thrust

The DYS SE2008 2550kv was absolutely cool after the test with the HQ5045 and a slightly warm after the test with the KingKong 5x5x3 prop. You can download the full data for private use here.

Then I made another two tests with a 4S LiPo battery and same propellers. You can check the amazing performance on the picture below. I was aware that the motor can burn, so I limited the throttle to 1800us for the 3-blade prop setup.


 The motor achieved 1100g with the HQ5045 propeller and hit almost 1300g with the 3-blade KingKong prop. It was also a great test for the DYS XS30A ESC, because the current reached 43A. Of course the motor was extremely hot after that 3-blade test. If you want more details, download the complete data.

To be honest, I didn’t expected such great results from the new DYS SE2008 motor. Now I need to build a new FPV quad with these motors and put them to the limits. You can find the new DYS motors here for 17.99$/pcs.

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  1. Michael

    Hey, nice review. Just a tip – if you want the thrust test results to be meaningful at all, there needs to be a baseline test on a different motor to compare them to. Looking at thrust results with no other motors to compare to doesn’t mean anything because the setup (esc, battery etc) and environmental conditions mean the results can’t be compared to other sites.