Flash CC3D with Cleanflight using OpenPilot GCS


I already described how to flash the Cleanflight firmware on the CC3D flight controller using Arduino. But here I will show you how to flash the board only through the USB-Port.

Update 13.12.2015: Note that from v1.11 Cleanflight flashing via OpenPilot GCS is not possibly anymore! Use your Arduino instead or older Cleanflight version.

First download the OpenPilot GCS 15.02.02 (the newest 15.05 doesn’t support the CC3D board) and install it on your computer.

You also need the STM32 Virtual Com Port driver. Then install the Cleanflight Configurator from the Chrome Web Store and download the latest Cleanflight firmware .bin file for the CC3D board.

Open the OpenPilot GCS software, connect the CC3D board through the USB-Port, go to the “Firmware”-Tab and click the “Halt” button.

Now you can open the downloaded cleanflight_CC3D.bin. Check the “I know what I’m doing!” box and then “Flash” button. That’s it, now you have the Cleanflight firmware on your CC3D board.


Important: To use the board through the UBS-Port, you need to power it with external power source. Then you can connect it to the Cleanflight Configurator.

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  1. Matt

    So I have a cc3d atom running Cleanflight v1.11 that I want to upgrade to CF 1.12 via a usb cable (without using Uart adapters or arduino boards).

    Can I just downgrade to the release before 1.11 and follow your instructions above to flash to 1.12?

    • Sergey

      Hey Matt, I haven’t tried that, but according to the release notes it should not be possible.

  2. Zoli

    CC3D revo is compatible with cleanflight? Can be flashed this way?

    • Sergey

      Hi Zoli, the CC3D Revo is compatible with Raceflight. It is a fork of Cleanflight for FCs with fast F4 processor, like the Revo. Check this article about the Sparky 2.0 board. It is very similar to the Revo. Sergey