DJI Phantom X project video

DJI has recently shown an interesting video of it’s Phantom X project. The drone looks very similar to the Phantom quadcopters, but with foldable landing gear. The camera is integrated on the down side of the chassis. Note that it is a prototype and most of the video is computer edited.

Here are some of the unique new features:

  • No need of a transmitter. Control the drone just with your Apple Watch.
  • Obstacle avoidance.
  • Start the drone by throwing it in the air.

Well, the last one is not unique, as Lily Flying Camera already presented this type of starting a few months ago. Obviously DJI saw a threat in its face. I hope they will work enough on the safety, so the drone doesn’t start accidentally in my hand.

I am a bit skeptical about the obstacle avoidance, or at least working so good with that speed in the video. But lets wait and see what DJI will present next year.

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