Lisam LS-210 frame review and build log

It is more than 3 and a half years since I bought a frame for my quadcopter builds. My first frame was a X525 glass fiber frame and then I started designing my own SG frames. I saw the Lisam LS-210 and because of the low price, I decided to give it a try.

When I ordered it, I didn’t know that it is a clone of the Lumenier QAV210 CHARPU. Unlike the original, the Lisam LS-210 kit does not include power distribution board, XT-60 plug, aluminum landing gear and LiPo strap.

carbon parts

The frame is made of 3k carbon. The material and CNC cutting quality is very good. It is not premium, like the one I get from my local CNC manufacture here in Germany, but it is perfect for the price. The main plate carbon is 3mm and the top plate is 1.5mm thick. The camera mount is made from 1.5mm carbon too.

Sadly I only get 19 x M3 screws, instead of 20. Not a big deal for me, it happens sometimes. Note: you will need 2mm hex key for the screws.

The Lisam LS-210 frame weighs 100g incl. the screws and the aluminum standoffs. It is a bit more for a 210mm quad frame in my opinion. But considering its main plate is completely made of 3mm carbon, it is probably fine.

Build log:

I haven’t used the aluminum 6mm standoffs, because I don’t like the look. So here a photo with plastic standoffs.

Plastic standoff

Then I mounted the Scorpion M2205 2350kv motors, that I have received from Scorpion motors for testing. Thank you for that, Tony!

You can mount any motor with standard 19x16mm or 12x12mm holes, like 1806, 2204, 2205 or even 2206.

Scorpion M2205 2350kv

On the next picture, you will see my favorite CC3D flight controller on top of a 4In1 ESC. For now I can’t share any more info about the ESC, because it is a prototype, that I received for testing. But it is extremely easy to make a clean build with that ESC, because you don’t need a power distribution board.

Of course you can use any other small size ESC, like the XRotor 10A, the LittleBee 20A or the new upcoming LittleBee 20A Pro.


I am using my FatShark 600TVL fpv camera, which fits perfectly on the front.


The holes for the battery mounting are only 15mm. My battery strap from Scorpion is 16mm, but with some pressure it fits.

FPV quad

There is a hole on the back for mounting the FPV antenna, but I think it a bit bigger than needed for the antenna plug. I haven’t mounted any props for now, but the maximum size is 5”.

Summary: The Lisam LS-210 frame is nice and building your quadcopter with it is pretty easy. You have enough space for mounting the fpv gear and the build looks clean. You can get the original QAV210 CHARPU frame from GetFPV or the Lisam LS-210 from Banggood.

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  1. Simon

    What will be biggest prop this frame can accomdate? I have 980kv motors and want use that on this frame.

    • Sergey

      Hi Simon, max 5″ prop. Best, Sergey