KingKong vs. HQ 5inch propeller

I wanted to build my next FPV quad with 5 inch propeller and for that reason I needed strong and best performing propeller at a good price. I already have bought some HQ5045 props, but these are a bit expensive. I already use the 6040 KingKong propellers and they are awesome. So I bought one package KingKong 5040 props as well as one package 5045 bullnose props.

All props have great quality and are well balanced. The KingKong propeller have 5mm hole, so you don’t need adapters for mounting these on the most popular FPV racing motors.


  • HQ5045 – 2.75g
  • KK5040 – 2.25g
  • KK5045 BN – 3.7g

I expected, that the bullnose prop will be a bit heavier, because of the bigger surface, but not so much. It weighs more than the 6×4 propeller.

I have tested the propellers on the Cobra CM2204 2300kv as well as on the upcoming T-Motor F40 2500kv. The result surprised me a bit! The 5045 bullnose KingKong propeller provided a bit more thrust than the normal ones and was way less efficient. I got only 15g more thrust than the normal KingKong 5040 and 2.24g/W.

I didn’t expect that the KingKong 5040 propeller will perform better than the HQ5045 propeller. The efficiency was almost the same on full throttle:

  • Cobra CM2204 – 3.05g/W with HQ5045 – 3.00g/W with KK5040
  • F40 2500kv – 2.59g/W with HQ5045 – 2.60g/W with KK5040

But the KingKong 5040 prop provided 29g. more thrust on the Cobra motor and 52g. more on the F40.

I expect that the 5” KingKong propeller will be as strong as the 6” props that I use for about 3 months. As said, the HQ props cost about 4$ for two pairs and are a bit expensive for me. The KingKong 5040 cost about 5$ for 10pairs and for now are my favorite.

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  1. Amar

    Why don’t you try the new DALprops ?
    they have some great review over rcgroups .. and they’re a bit cheap ..
    they’re the stronger props on the market “i guess” .. i’ve got a set of them sent to me by Banggood for testing … didn’t try them yet .. but it will be great if you reviewed them too

    • Sergey

      Hi Amar, will try them and share the results. They are not so cheap as the KK, but if they offer more thrust and are strong enough, it will be great too.

  2. ReM

    A bit late … but I have to reply on this. I’ve been flying KK5040 props for a while and 6040 as well. I switched to 5045BN en 6045BN. I really do notice change in thrust between both non-BN and BN. I know they are less efficient but I do miss some extra punch and power on the regular ones. Funny, the 5040 I cut to 4″ BN for my small 180 DTI rig, works super! For the rest I agree totally, the best props ever. Unfortunately BG stopped selling them (? go figure) but they can be found elsewhere, luckily.

    • Sergey

      Hey Rem, yeah the BN prop provide a bit more thrust, but not so much as expected. Didnt notice Banggood stopped selling these. You can also find these on HobbyKing or Aliexpress. Best, Sergey