How to build a motor thrust stand


You need a motor thrust stand if you want to test  the thrust produced by a specific motor, propeller and battery combination. You can also find out which is the best ESC for this combination. I decided to build my own and here is how to make it.

Needed parts:

  • 2 pieces of wood for the arms: 400mm x 46mm x 19mm
  • 2 pieces of wood for the base: 100mm x 46mm x 19mm
  • The carbon fiber parts on the picture for mounting the motor and to put the arms together. Design file is free.
  • 4 x M4 screws and nuts
  • Shaft (you can use a 10cm long M5 screw)
  • Watt-Meter and RPM/KV-Meter
  • Scale

Drilled all the needed holes in the wood. The carbon parts were already drilled from my local manufacture.


Then assembled the arms with the M4 screws. I have designed the thrust stand to be foldable for easy transportation.


I used a 10cm M5 screw and M5 locknut as a shaft (not like on the picture below) so the thrust stand is strong enough and not shaky.


Finally: If you a going to test motors producing more than 1kg thrust, fix the whole trust stand so it wouldn’t fly away :).

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